Yuletide Bath Tea-bomb/Solstice Sticks🌲✨
Yuletide Bath Tea-bomb/Solstice Sticks🌲✨
Yuletide Bath Tea-bomb/Solstice Sticks🌲✨

Yuletide Bath Tea-bomb/Solstice Sticks🌲✨

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π‘†π‘œπ‘™π‘ π‘‘π‘–π‘π‘’ π‘†π‘‘π‘–π‘π‘˜π‘ / π‘Œπ‘’π‘™π‘’π‘‘π‘–π‘‘π‘’ π΅π‘Žπ‘‘β„Ž-π΅π‘œπ‘šπ‘ π‘™π‘œπ‘£π‘’ 𝑏𝑒𝑛𝑑𝑙𝑒𝑠

𝐼n the soft, sweet, and vibrant energy of the last quarter moon, I’ve lovingly crafted, tied and blessed love bundles incorporating all the elements.


Included: A very special, natural Bath Tea Bomb with all the smells of Yuletide.Β 

Ive made and tied with natural hemp cord Solstice Sticks to be like mini Yule logs. The woodsy, winter forest combo are some of my favourite varieties;Β 


β€’Grand White Pine -traditionally used to bless a home.Β 


β€’Blue Spruce -to welcome Serenity, Peace, and Grace.Β 


β€’Juniper -the medicine of wisdom, and protection. Often used to cleanse and protect a home for the new season.Β 


I’ve blessed each stick and anointed them with one of the earths highest vibrational oils ~Frankincense.


What a beautiful way you can celebrate Winter Solstice or new year, or the Christmas season, and welcome this beautiful new season of life!

Β Draw a hot bath, drop in your bath bomb, slow down my love...breathe slowly, light your Yuletide stick, pray, journal, and set your intention for this beautiful new chapter pf life.

The winter Solstice {December 21st} is an ancient holiday known for traditions that celebrate nature and setting one’s intentions for the coming season. (Also called Yuletide.)

In the past a log was chosen and brought into a home with greenery, anointed with oils and burned the eve of the solstice… 


These Yuletide sticks not only cleanse yourself and your home spiritually, and emotionally, but also cleanses away the bacteria in your home.Β 

Β Smudging Step-by-Step

You could also use an incense tray or a bowl to catch the ashes as the bundle burns.

Don't use a flammable container, and keep water on hand.

  • Open a window or door before you start burning the bundle. This allows the smoke to exit your house.
  • Put the bundle in the burning container and light it. Let it burn for several seconds and then fan it out so that it keeps smoking. (Blowing gently on the ruby embers) A feather is a beautiful way to distribute the purifying smoke. Again adding the element of Air.
  • Set an intention, and i also pray. For example, you might say "Thank you Most High for this plant medicine, i ask that it’s smoke will purify, cleanse, and bless all those who enter into this home."
  • Walk to each room you wish to purify and let the smoke enter it. Do not allow any space to fill with too much smoke. (A little goes a long way ;)

Β Blessings of love and light always,