Warm Amber Rollerball

Warm Amber Rollerball

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Warm Amber Rollerball:

A warming sensual blend with all the cozy feels.
“Warm Amber” directly connects you to the deep rhythms of mother nature.

A truly magical potion, as it is made with the liquidized crystal power of Amber.
Amber - Fossilized tree sap, helps one to connect to the earth in a powerful, grounding way. Amber warms the skin as it acts directly with our unique vibrations. This blend acts with the individual bodies pheromones, meaning it smells a wee bit different on everyone.

On men this blend takes on a deep, smokey finish. On women it is spicy with a hit of sweetness.(...or should I say sweet with a hint of spice ;)

Many people believe that the healing powers of stones are all “hippie-hoo-hoo.”
However amber actually has a proven ability to reduce pain in the body as well as bring a warm healing.
This mystical power comes from the succinic acid within the crystal.
Mama’s will often place an amber necklace on their baby to help with teething pain.

In this blend i have paired this precious oil of Amber, with secret amounts of calming cedar, spicy Cardamom, creamy Vanilla, and sultry Vetiver, all finished with a soft kiss of Cinnamon.

Each one hand crafted with clarified Olive oil, and precisely measured, adorned with a enchanting mica crystals, and an amber bead to deeply connect you to the love of mother earth.

Roll over anywhere your intuition guides you.
“Warm Amber” helps to clear, and nourish the sacral chakra, and lift the libido…roll this warming over your sacred skin …