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Mugwort Bundle

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Mugwort Bedtime Bundles

Wild harvested in the badlands of Alberta.

Its botanical name Artemisia refers to the goddess Artemis, hinting at its divine origins. Named after the lunar goddess of childbearing and the wilderness, mugwort is steeped in much folklore about its healing virtues. It has traditionally held a powerful affiliation with the moon and was considered to be a prime herb for women. Artemisia vulgaris has been used to soothe the pain of childbirth as well as monthly menstrual cramping. It may also help to regulate the menstrual cycle to a normal, cyclical rhythm. Herbalist Matthew Wood says that mugwort will restore the injured female nature.


As for its stimulating properties, mugwort is well known for its ability to impart vivid dreams and to promote creative meditation. Many people will find that simply drinking a cup of mugwort tea before bed will have a marked effect on their dreams. Because of this property, however, avoid mugwort when you are trying to get a deep and restorative night’s sleep! (So not to be taken daily ;)


These magical mugwort Bedtime Bundles were hand picked and bundled with a blessing of love by yours truly on the equinox of Autumn. Made with pure mugwort leaves and flowers. Bundled with organic hemp cord, and hand tied cotton lace. They look so gorge hung in your bedroom!


You can also smoke/smudge these bundles as this herb has been known to cleanse,repel negative energy and evil spirits. (pls remove the cotton lace before burning, see sage smudge sticks for instructions) as well as you can place a few leaves or flowers in a mug of water for a helpful digestive aid. (helps to burn fats.)


Pls do not consume mugwort when pregnant or nursing.


Herbs heal -that’s all. ♡︎