Moonflower body butter
Moonflower body butter

Moonflower body butter

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A magical smelling lotion, and hormone harmonizing blend of essential oils to support woman during their moon cycle, and right into menopause. Not for pregnancy, or nursing.

Made with a Sage, Yarrow, and Mugwort, (top supporting oils) Cypress to support but also ground, and a touch of the most supporting feminine flora, lovely Lavender and sweet smelling Geranium.
This lotion has a magical moonlight shimmer with powdered mica crystal to raise the positive vibrations, and leave a translucent glow to your skin.
Sprinkled with calendula petals a super supporting flower to the divine feminine, and topped with an actual moonstone to balance the emotions. You will see this lotion has a subtle blue tint, that is from the natural blue essence of organic blue yarrow essential oil...

Sail away on cloud 9 with this luxurious body butter, the ultimate in softening of the skin. Made with delicious ingredients from the earth, a little goes a long way with this dreamy lotion. An almond size amount will do your arms and hands and cuticles nicely.
Please allow 5 min to absorb into skin.
Made with a blend of soothing oils; sweet almond, Shea nut, pomegranate seed, carrot seed and coconut. Added Shea butter, and aloe makes this lotion so hydrating.

Comes packaged in a 5 oz tin.
Great for all skin types.

 Pls keep out of warm locations, product will melt. 







Not recommended during pregnancy or nursing.