Irish Sea Moss Gel

Irish Sea Moss Gel

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Sea Moss Gel 

***This product is made to order and has to be pre-ordered to maximize two weeks shelflife.***

Organic Sea Moss is a nutrient dense seaweed and excellent source of minerals making it ideal for those individuals transitioning or maintaining an active plant-based lifestyle. Some of the minerals include zinc, magnesium, iodine, bromine, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium,. This Irish Sea Moss is cultivated and harvested wildly in the ocean of the Pacific, and it is sun-dried with no fertilizers or bleaching chemicals used also GMO free healthy, nutritious, natural, and loaded with vitamins. Over 90 minerals that your body needs. Irish Sea Moss is a super food it can be used in smoothies, health drinks, as a thickening agent for cakes, ice cream, gravies, desserts etc. I never boil any of the nutritional components out of this sea moss, and use careful consideration when cleaning it thoroughly. I triple wash it ,and carefully remove any debris that may be there. I use only filtered alkaline water to rinse,  as well as soak my Sea Moss.

Irish Sea Moss also helps with various skin diseases, such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and sunburn. It is well known as an excellent source of iodine and also helps to suppress the appetite. Once blended it can be applied topically or added in baths to moisturize and hydrate the skin, reduce rashes and inflammation, as well as provide relief for muscle and joint pain.

Hope you enjoy your jar o’ vitamins!

please keep refrigerated, expires within 2 weeks .