Raw Cacao and Wild-Harvested Chaga
Raw Cacao and Wild-Harvested Chaga

Raw Cacao and Wild-Harvested Chaga

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 Calm your mind and energize your body with this decadent, chocolatey powerful herbal blend of antioxidants!


Adaptogenic + Nourishing Cacao {Dairy free + No sugar}

This nourishing blend of Adaptogens & Cacao is meant to offer support, sustained energy, and perhaps a Ritual to your day. Helping to balance stress, cortisol levels, and offer deep vitality to your being. Adaptogens are plants that help our bodies adapt to stress - stress can range from chronic energy depletion due to stress, or illness to just everyday stress that comes from living a busy lifestyle. They remind our bodies that we can breathe, they help to nourish us from within, and bring us back to Harmony. Each Adaptogen is unique, but generally, they help our bodies cope with stress from deep within.

This blend calls in the energy of Cacao, an ancient plant based superfood, rich in magnesium, to bring you back to your core & offer energetic support. (Not a great idea to sip this energy blend before bed;) 

Next, come the Adaptogens: Chaga Mushrooms to help balance stress levels & support your adrenals. Each one also helps us to ground into our path, while also awakening the ability to Vision & see our situation with clarity. Chaga adds the spark of fire we need for creation & sustained energy.

I love this elixir sweetened with honey and oat milk. Option is to warm all ingredients in a pot over stove. 

It calms my mind, all while offering support. 

Organic Ingredients: 

Raw Cacao, Raw Cacao Nibs, Wild-harvested chaga, 

Elixir/tea comes lose in 5 oz envelope.
Please be mindful when opening.


1 Perfect Spoonful of tea
475 ml (16 oz) of 95/200℉ Boiled Spring water  
1-2 Sweet Spoonfuls of Honey (a power-food, immune support, and super high source of vit C) 
Steep for 7+ minutes.


noun :a magical or medicinal potion.

Sip often,
Be well.