Milky Jade Bracelet with Feather Charm.

Milky Jade Bracelet with Feather Charm.

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Milky Jade is a gemstone that holds a lot of meaning and plenty of healing properties. It’s believed that it has a positive and brilliant power of light that’s right within the stone.
Known for its power to make you feel mellow and peaceful. Its powerful healing energies are known all over the world cause it has the ability to purify the energies of your heart.
It also has the ability to increase or enhance the energy of love in your life. It will make challenges seem easier, and it will make your troubled mind calmer.

The energies of this stone will inspire you to be kinder to people, and it will help you get rid of your feelings of loneliness.

This stone activates your chakras so that you will be open to receive the guidance and information from the higher realms.
It will connect you to Source so that you will also have a stronger awareness of higher dimensions. It will increase your insight and help you act on your intuition.
It will connect you to your soul’s impulse so that you will live a more spiritual and enlightened life.

When it comes to physical healing, it can help the body heal itself. This stone will improve your body’s ability to defend and protect itself. Doing so will also detoxify the blood and calm your nerves so that you can fully relax. It strengthens the spleen and liver, stimulating the liver purification.

A spiritual stone that contains healing energies, known to have a powerful impact.
The soothing energies of the stone bring a very positive light into your life that will touch your heart and purify it so that you can keep negative thoughts and emotions at bay and allow good things to take place.
White Jade is also a protective stone that will keep you out of harm’s way.

A very humbling stone that will make sure you’re bound to the earth’s energies, and to your most basic source of happiness.
This stone will also make you reflect on your journey, and the challenges you have overcome just to get to where you are.

I have worn this healing stone for years, i love how Gods creation has blessed me so.
My prayer is that your piece of Jade will be a blessing for you as well.

*made exclusively for the Christmas Market*
Sorry no holds