Balm Of Gilead
Balm Of Gilead
Balm Of Gilead

Balm Of Gilead

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It’s been almost a year in the making...
My very own wildcrafted balm of Gilead oil is probably my all-time favourite! I infuse wildcrafted organic cottonwood or poplar buds that i forged by hand, in the forest last spring.

It is the resin from these buds that hold its most potent medicinal properties, most notably derived from the salicylates it contains which are known for reducing pain, inflammation, and fever. The resin from the buds also smell absolutely divine and invoke memories of rivers, lakes, and ponds where the tree tends to grow.

The Balm of Gilead has amazing anti-inflammatory properties , with the same salisillic acid that is found in aspirin, which makes it perfect for athletes or for those who lead active lifestyles. It relieves the pain associated with sore muscles, bruising, general aches and pains, and arthritis.

So who or what is Gilead anyways?

If you are familiar with Biblical lore, Gilead was a mountainous region east of the Jordan River that was well known for its spices and healing ointments. “The Balm of Gilead” was one such ointment believed to have healing and soothing powers to the physical, and the emotional. This healing salve is mentioned 3 times in the bible.

This ancient recipe for
All Purpose Salve, relives sore muscles, calms headaches, soothes coughs, is healing to burns, cuts, scrapes, bug-bites, and blisters.

My kids love it for lip chap and won’t use anything else now. I love the tingles that stimulate the surface of my lips, softening, filling and smoothing out the lil lines.

This healing ointment is also a natural disinfect which makes it not only the most beautiful hand moisturizer around town, but also an organic hand sanitizer.

Highly concentrated rollerballs available as well, to pop in your bag and use at your convenience.