• Review1 (Ayurveda):
    I feel so grateful and lucky to be a part of this process.  I learned a lot about myself, things I truly take for granted, and found the whole experience fascinating.  I was truly naive on my own dosha and how that relates to your physical, mental health and well being.  Due to this experience that you so generously shared through your analysis, I have dedicated more time to self-care.  I booked by first massage in months and look at myself in a more wholistic way.  It has also revealed things about my personality that has led me on a new path of self-discovery.  What do I want for my health?  How do I want to be in this world?  What is my path? What am I here to share? Everything that I have learned through this exploration will only improve me in all ways.  With this new found knowledge as well, I can sprinkle it in with my loved ones through my own example.
    It is very difficult to review Teri-Dawn. I can truly say I have met no one quite like her.  She is one of the most caring, creative, kind, and authentic women I have ever met.  She puts you at ease and is genuinely interested in your health and wellness.  Students are attracted to her because of her positive energy but it is actually deeper than that.  During her ayurvedic analysis of me, she was attentive and made me feel special and worthy.  Her passion for Ayurveda is magnetic and I learned a lot of tools that I can now apply to my life in a positive manner.  Her support is incredible.  As part of the process she made kitchari with me, gave me all sorts of tips, my own personal yoga regime and she did the process with me.  She is very knowledgeable as it is apparent that she believes how Ayurveda can improve her clients' health. There is something magnetic about Teri-Dawn that you will have to experience for yourself.  It is just nice being in the same space as her nevermind having the privilege of learning from her.  She is a natural teacher and will become your friend.  I hope to learn more about Ayurveda because of this experience.  This knowledge is important and will change your life.
    Teri-Dawn shared her knowledge in such a safe can caring way.  Some of the recommendations were challenging for me. Waking up early as I am not normally a morning person, however, it has changed me in such a profound way it is hard to accurately describe.  Watching the sunrise, being more present with myself, as I have primarily done that for others made me realize some changes I had to make for myself.
    The food recommendations have been interesting.  Some I already use, hopefully, because of what I am attracted to because of my dosha. But, some have been fun to explore and try and share with my family.  I have definitely incorporated aspects that I have learned, using the almond oil on my body, tongue scraping, food and spices, and exercise. Most importantly, I feel better!
    As per pricing, $200 is reasonable as the process is time-consuming for you.  The initial meeting, your analysis, etc. It is also very in depth and I feel your clients would appreciate the time that you put into their analysis, the support you give and all of the meal ideas and tips. 
    Love and Light,
    Review 2:(Ayurveda)
    Good morning Teri-Dawn,
    Thank you so much for having me in your program. It has definitely helped me to be more mindful in my day to day especially with the holiday season upon us. I was able to find more joy in the hustle and bustle this year and I do believe your program has something to do with that!
    I have been able to get outside more with my family and spend quality time breathing in the fresh winter air! My body has been speaking to me to get outside more, so thanks for the encouragement! Especially our chickadee trail walk💗 and it’s neat to know now when my body is asking for “cooling”.
    I’ve incorporated the coconut oil pulling into my daily routine which I felt has made my teeth feel more squeaky clean. As well as tongue scraping.
    I have been able to notice when my body starts to become unbalanced and more heated- I started this program with heat rashes on multiple sites on my body and now have none! I enjoyed the Kitchari as did my family, and will be open to revisiting Kitchari again from time to time to “reset” my body.
    In preparation for the program I tried to break my habit of Starbucks Caramel Machiattos, I can say that I no longer feel the “need” for the coffee at all anymore. I did get a craving a week or two ago and ordered one however I didn’t even drink half of it because it tasted awful to me now and instantly hurt my stomach so I’d say this was a huge win not only for my body but my pocket book 😉 Not that I won’t ever enjoy one again but to have eliminated the “need or addiction” for it is very rewarding!
    I think it was super positive that we met at your home and you let us try your Kitchari and how to make it, I think for me that made it easier to move through the blocks of the Kitchari cleanse. If felt like we were in it together and because I got to taste it in advance I was more open to it when I made! (First time I made it was not very good) had I not tried yours first to know how delicious it is, I may not have tried to make it again. Not going to lie I struggled with the Kitchari part throughout, I felt deprived at times for sure and went through a period of almost feeling more Pitta energy in my body causing excessive heat, night sweats and hot flashes, as well as excessive breakouts however they did settle down once I got outside more, and skipped the hot yoga flow classes a few times and traded them in for Yin or barre class instead. It was nice to “hear” my body and what it was trying to tell me!
    I think your price is well within reason and people have paid way more for way less! And with your ongoing support I find that reasonable for sure.
    Above all I enjoyed the connection of our group of ladies as it opened the discussion to talk about our bodies in an open, supportive and healing way.  I have no doubt your future workshops at the studio will bring you and your students much growth, healing and success.
    Love you my sister!
    Review 3 (Ayurveda):
    Hi Teri-Dawn:)
      I enjoyed this so much and really felt great during the whole process!
    I’m so encouraged by you and your beauty, of course on the outside (you’re stunning!) but especially on the inside.  Your heart for others is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. 
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.
    The fee for your program is fair for the amount of info and time you spent both WITH us and FOR us. And for you sharing your essential oils, salt lamps, and singing bowls with us too;)
    I love you too!!
    Review 4:(Ayurveda)
    Good morning my dear friend,
    Thank you once again for allowing me to join you and the other girls on this 3 week adventure into SELF.
    Truly I think above all, the real meaning of SELF and importance it has in day to day was the biggest gift I received in these last few weeks. Within the first few days there were the physical releases I would say that I experienced but deep internally I could feel. Things I was holding onto for no reason and watch them go, only to reveal SELF. Me. Always there, only covered by some extra layers I wasn't willing to let go of. When I would journal more in depth I was able to see more clear. What I still needed, what I did not. Then the choice became mine. How empowering is that. All the answers already there but because we hold ourselves back we don't get to see. Until we do!
    So, above I guess would be the number 1 benefit to this program. You really are ridding yourself so you can then SEE yourself.
    However this takes work, hard hard work.
    So, my number 2 benefit would be routine. The first few days are exciting, something new and of course routine feels good. It can be difficult to maintain but only if we allow it. This is what kept me grounded, most of the time, I am human haha.
    A bed time, a wake up time, morning routine, limited "to dos", outdoor time, nightly routine, etc.
    The best part is this is possible to achieve day to day and you thrive. Doesn't mean life stops taking turns, you are now turning with it. AMAZING.
    For number 3, really it is the collective. Even if we had individual and completely different experiences, it makes a reset like this less daunting.
    Thank you SO much again Teri-Dawn. You have re-ignited a journey into SELF that I have needed. I am so grateful and excited to keep doing the work.
    Review 5:(Doula)
    Teri-Dawn is wonderful! She was such an amazing support throughout the end of my pregnancy, labour, and early postpartum. During my labour she made the delivery room so comfortable with adding peaceful music and fairy lights. It was so great to have someone there focused on my needs - getting me water, brushing my hair, etc. Even though I had an epidural and emergency c-section, Teri-Dawn was a valuable support and I am so grateful she was there, especially because she kept me calm and helped me process the changes to my birth-plan and the need for a c-section. Her postpartum support is also so important, as those first few weeks after birth is so focused on the baby so it’s great to have someone invested in you.
    Review 6:(Doula):
    Teri-Dawn was my doula during my third pregnancy and was absolutely amazing! She is such a kind compassionate, empowering woman to have beside you during this wonderful journey to motherhood.  She not only was there for us before and during the birth of our son, but after as well.  She took the time to understand what we wanted out of our birthing experience, addressed any fears we had and of course answered our random questions. She made us feel very comfortable and more excited for the journey ahead.
    When it came time for the labouring process to begin Teri-Dawn was there with encouragement and support.  I thought my husband who is always very calm, collected and methodical would be my advocate, but the thing I never understood until we were deep in the process was that although my husband wasn’t in physical pain, the mental pain he was going through was agonizing for him.  Having Teri-dawn there allowed us to both focus on what we needed to in that moment and be confident that what we couldn’t give our energy to was being heard and followed.  And seriously what husband understands how calming it is to have your hair brushed?!?!
    Teri-Dawn continues to be someone I turn to for advice and I am truly grateful for her everyday.  She absolutely surpassed my expectations of a doula and always went above and beyond at each meeting.  We are truest blessed to have shared this experience with her.
    So much love,

    Review 7 (Doula):

    How do you fit a small review on someone who had such a positive impact on my pregnancy, birth and now my fourth trimester journey? I was the girl who thought she didn’t need a doula, feeling confident that between my nursing skills and my husband’s paramedical skills we would be good to go in and deliver a baby.  I was never the girl who was excited about pregnancy. I really struggled with my body image, the fear of labor, motherhood, and what my life would look like post baby. 

    I ended up going to a 6-week prenatal yoga class at Modo where I met the lady who gave me one of the best gifts. She gave me the gift of encouraging me to love myself through this part of my life.   This gift was wrapped in words of affirmation, use of breath, touch, and connection. Within the first class I knew my perspective on a doula shifted, and I knew it was not just any doula that I wanted, but that I was going to this class so I could meet Teri-Dawn.

    Within a few weeks I had asked her if she would meet with me and my husband regarding doula services. Upon everyone meeting it was very evident to us that Teri Dawn was the perfect fit for us, and over the next 11 weeks she worked with us preparing for the birth of our little girl.  She texted me regularly, and would answer all my “new mom” questions.  Although that was important, what she offered me most was an overall sense of calmness and peace as we approached my due date.

    On the delivery day, TD arrived in her super cute boho clothing, and comfy Birkenstocks, essential oils and blends in hand. Within minutes of her arriving to the labor room, it had been transformed from “hospital theme” to “garden fairy”. She had strung up tiny lights, had some beautiful scents that we had picked out earlier, she played soothing music and massaged my feet with this amazing cooling gel.  As much as she is wonderful at physical touch she also was an incredible encourager, to me and my husband. She would help me with my breathing, encouraging me to incorporate some of the breaths we had learned in our yoga class. Doula translates into “female servant” and she was just that, I could not of imagined anything more from her, as she checks every box.  My labor and delivery was a beautiful experience, it was not what I had imagined it to be, but what I had hoped and prayed for. Everything was peaceful and smooth, the energy in the room was calm and the love and support that this lady brings to every yoga class and the delivery is like none other.  Teri Dawn is respectful of the health care staff, and of any choice that we had made for our birth. She is a mother of 4 beautiful children and understands this process. She is a wealth of information on babies, bodies, hormones, remedies, and vegetarian recipes.

    As I sit and type this review, I watch my little girl trying to crawl, and becoming frustrated that she isn't moving yet. I cannot help but cry thinking that I too was like my daughter. Trying to learn to crawl- learning this new mom thing, being really scared, not knowing what will happen, but knowing that through perseverance, love, support, encouragement, and friendship of people like Teri Dawn it does not have to be scary but rather an amazing accomplishment and gift.

    we are so blessed to have connected with TD and would recommend her to anyone thinking about incorporating a doula into their birthing plan.


    Kennedy + Ronnie



    Review 8 (Product):

    The Lavender Vanilla Butter Cream is like Heaven! I get psoriasis and sometimes eczema patches. My hands are so dry because I use hand sanitizer so much at work. The balm has cleared my psoriasis and leaves me so buttery soft! It's magic! Pure magic!


    Review 9 (Product):
    On the face oils;
    I feel like I am applying a layer of glow to my skin every morning and every night.
    When I first wake up, I wash my face with a fresh cold towel then apply “sunshine”. The smell is refreshing and I swear my face glistens after application. It feels light, fresh and soothing. My face remains full of moisture all day...then bedtime comes. I wash my face now with a hot towel and apply “moonbeam”. This grounds me with the smells. Again same lightness to my face and there’s that glisten. With the smallest amount you can cover your whole face, neck and sometimes chest, just cause you smell so glorious and a little sparkle all over never hurt.
    I’ve been using these serums for over a year now and haven’t looked back!




     Review 10 (Product):

    After having my daughter 5 years ago my skin became plagued with hormonal break outs and dry skin. It would get so bad the skin around my mouth would crack and bleed. I spent way too much money on way too many different skin care lines. Nothing I tried helped. Teri-Dawn’s facial serum is actually magical. Not only did it soothe my dry skin it actually makes me skin glow. My skin has never been this healthy.



    Review 11 (Product):

    I love love love the body oils you make for me .... It's like a drink for my skin!
    I use it every day & it's so nice to have soft skin not itchy & dry!!
    I have also started using the sunshine serum it's not heavy or greasy! It smells so good you want to put lots on but you only need a few drops I did over do it a few times & well my eyes were not happy!! I noticed some shrinking of a few larger pores I have so that is a bonus for me.




    Review 12 (Product):

    Rollerball “happy hippie blend” :

    I was wearing your roller perfume today (hippy I think) and I passed a woman who said I smelled amazing! Then she asked if she was allowed to say that to a stranger! 😹😹. Anyway, looking forward to future awkward convos with strangers when I grab more!


     Review 13 (Product):Sunshine serum/moonbeam moisturizer

    I can’t tell you how in love with these products I am. I have difficult skin, thin and both dry and oily at the same time. I am also prone to adult acne which makes finding the right moisturizer a challenge. I bought the sunshine serum after a trusted friend advised it, and from the first application I knew it was love! I bought the moonbeam moisturizer immediately following and have been using them both since. I have hundreds of dollars of newish moisturizers sitting gathering dust bc my face is so happy with this simple beauty regime. The oil melds into the skin so quickly that the only evidence that it was ever there is the silky hydrated skin underneath. IN LOVE!!

     Review 14  Ayurveda 

    Teri-Dawn you are always a shining star for me and between your spiritual yoga and Ayurveda, i rounded off my therapy for PTSD incredibly. My healing came every bit from those classes and the alternative medicine to wellness.
    I sleep early with meditation and nature sounds, walk outside and still go outside in the morning(which is 5 a.m.). I no longer have a yucky coated tongue, lost 25 lbs and  feel so free as my body works properly for digestion and elimination. I am just reminding you that I was still very much not sleeping, not digesting or processing food etc., snoring, and my white coated tongue was something I hated. I still do the warm oil and body massage (Abyanga) and practise gratitude. Thank you so much are part of my "save my life school".
     PS -My daughter's received gifts from your store for Christmas that they love. Molly still has her face regime which she loves.