Peace Out Set

Peace Out Set

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A dreamy supporting blend to help you unwind your mind and slip into peace-land. Base note is lovely lavender and mellowed with ylang-ylang, and vanilla. Top note is Melissa. This soothing blend will have you chillin’ all over the place. Great night time support blend.

Natural perfume rollerball  (made with organic clarified coconut oil, a lavender sprig & crystals) Roll over temples and forehead, back of the neck to sooth and calm nerves. Roll on pulse points, inside of wrists, neck and chest. ENJOY!

2 oz holistic spray

1 oz holistic travel spray 

(sprays made with a touch of organic non alcoholic witch hazel, positivity charged spring water,-charged in singing bowls, then in moonlight and sunlight) 

great natural perfume, shine spray for your hair too!

•natural hand sanitizer. 

•natural surface disinfectant. 

•can treat minor scrapes, cuts, and burns. Promoting faster healing, pain reducer, and wound cleanser.

•yoga mat spray. 

•pillow mist.

•in a pinch can double as a natural deodorant.


These are natural products with organic ingredients, and do not contain any chemicals, you will need to reapply every 2-3 hours.