Enchanted Forest Mail Out Pack ~Pine Needle Tea/ Elixir
Enchanted Forest Mail Out Pack ~Pine Needle Tea/ Elixir
Enchanted Forest Mail Out Pack ~Pine Needle Tea/ Elixir

Enchanted Forest Mail Out Pack ~Pine Needle Tea/ Elixir

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***currently unavailable***Mail Out Pack Available in Canada only. Free Shipping Included with this product.

***Please allow air flow to fresh herbs once receiving product, to prevent mold. Never keeping a full seal, please allow fresh air to flow to the tea. ***

{Enchanted Forest Organic Pine Needle Elixir}

A blend of herbs to sooth your body, calm your mind, and allow peace and rest to take place. Contains Chamomile flowers, which can be used as a sleep aid. Best to take at times of rest. 

 A wonderful truth about chilly, frosted forests is that though there is very little greenery, the evergreen trees are extremely vitamin-rich as if to make up for it.

A cup of pine needle tea has so much vitamin C. Not to mention a plethora of other benefits, the First Nations people of our Canadian land have been using pine for generations as a decongestant, expectorant, and an antiseptic rinse.

This herbaceous Forest aroma herbal elixir blend with vitamin A will not only help with skin regeneration, hair care, and eyesight health, it is also a red blood cell production aid, and is a congestion helper. This elixir is high in antioxidants, is an antibacterial, immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory sleep aid, which has purifying, cleansing, detoxing, and medicinal properties. Tisane and Pycnogenol consists of some pine needles, pine buds and forest herbs. This substance found in Pine needle blocks viruses from entering the body.

My elixir has a rich pine aroma and a mild, pleasant taste.

Tea made from pine needles, helps to maintain clarity of mind, slows down the aging process, has a healing effect on the entire body. In the season of colds, my Forest tasting elixir protects against flu.

Pine needles also contain an incredible amount of vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, a slew of B vitamins, and several antioxidants.

Per volume, pine needles have 5 times the vitamin C found in lemon juice, or 8 times as much as orange juice.

If you’re aiming to fend off sickness, pine is probably your best friend.

 You can prepare the tea in the same way as my other elixirs, pour boiled water over, and sweeten the tea with honey to enhance the flavour. If you have any brewed tea left over, feel free to add it to a hot bath or even a steam inhale: if you have any chest congestion thanks to cold and flu season, it should loosen things up and let you breathe more easily.

 Health Benefits:

 Immune System Boost


Vision Health

Respiratory Conditions

Blood Pressure

Speed Healing

Prevent Chronic Disease


Cognitive Function 

Recommended Use; For cold/ remedy 2 teacups during the day, 2nd cup preferably 1 hour prior sleep 4-5 times a week. For general immunity boost 1 cup 3-4 times a day.

 Organic Ingredients:

Freshly Dried Pine Needles, Pine Cone blossoms, pine, pollen, and calming Chamomile flowers.

store in freezer to maintain freshness.

{With Loving Hands} Every product is freshly prepared by hand to order and 100% natural.


1 Perfect Spoonful of tea
475 ml (16 oz) of 95/200℉ Boiled Spring water 
1-2 Sweet Spoonfuls of Honey (a power-food, and a super high source of vit C) 
Steep for 7+ minutes.


noun :a magical or medicinal potion.

Sip often,
Be well.