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Review :(Doula)
Teri-Dawn is wonderful! She was such an amazing support throughout the end of my pregnancy, labour, and early postpartum. During my labour she made the delivery room so comfortable with adding peaceful music and fairy lights. It was so great to have someone there focused on my needs - getting me water, brushing my hair, etc. Even though I had an epidural and emergency c-section, Teri-Dawn was a valuable support and I am so grateful she was there, especially because she kept me calm and helped me process the changes to my birth-plan and the need for a c-section. Her postpartum support is also so important, as those first few weeks after birth is so focused on the baby so it’s great to have someone invested in you.
Teri-Dawn was my doula during my third pregnancy and was absolutely amazing! She is such a kind compassionate, empowering woman to have beside you during this wonderful journey to motherhood.  She not only was there for us before and during the birth of our son, but after as well.  She took the time to understand what we wanted out of our birthing experience, addressed any fears we had and of course answered our random questions. She made us feel very comfortable and more excited for the journey ahead.
When it came time for the labouring process to begin Teri-Dawn was there with encouragement and support.  I thought my husband who is always very calm, collected and methodical would be my advocate, but the thing I never understood until we were deep in the process was that although my husband wasn’t in physical pain, the mental pain he was going through was agonizing for him.  Having Teri-dawn there allowed us to both focus on what we needed to in that moment and be confident that what we couldn’t give our energy to was being heard and followed.  And seriously what husband understands how calming it is to have your hair brushed?!?!
Teri-Dawn continues to be someone I turn to for advice and I am truly grateful for her everyday.  She absolutely surpassed my expectations of a doula and always went above and beyond at each meeting.  We are truest blessed to have shared this experience with her.
So much love,

Review (Doula):

How do you fit a small review on someone who had such a positive impact on my pregnancy, birth and now my fourth trimester journey? I was the girl who thought she didn’t need a doula, feeling confident that between my nursing skills and my husband’s paramedical skills we would be good to go in and deliver a baby.  I was never the girl who was excited about pregnancy. I really struggled with my body image, the fear of labor, motherhood, and what my life would look like post baby. 

I ended up going to a 6-week prenatal yoga class at Modo where I met the lady who gave me one of the best gifts. She gave me the gift of encouraging me to love myself through this part of my life.   This gift was wrapped in words of affirmation, use of breath, touch, and connection. Within the first class I knew my perspective on a doula shifted, and I knew it was not just any doula that I wanted, but that I was going to this class so I could meet Teri-Dawn.

Within a few weeks I had asked her if she would meet with me and my husband regarding doula services. Upon everyone meeting it was very evident to us that Teri Dawn was the perfect fit for us, and over the next 11 weeks she worked with us preparing for the birth of our little girl.  She texted me regularly, and would answer all my “new mom” questions.  Although that was important, what she offered me most was an overall sense of calmness and peace as we approached my due date.

On the delivery day, TD arrived in her super cute boho clothing, and comfy Birkenstocks, essential oils and blends in hand. Within minutes of her arriving to the labor room, it had been transformed from “hospital theme” to “garden fairy”. She had strung up tiny lights, had some beautiful scents that we had picked out earlier, she played soothing music and massaged my feet with this amazing cooling gel.  As much as she is wonderful at physical touch she also was an incredible encourager, to me and my husband. She would help me with my breathing, encouraging me to incorporate some of the breaths we had learned in our yoga class. Doula translates into “female servant” and she was just that, I could not of imagined anything more from her, as she checks every box.  My labor and delivery was a beautiful experience, it was not what I had imagined it to be, but what I had hoped and prayed for. Everything was peaceful and smooth, the energy in the room was calm and the love and support that this lady brings to every yoga class and the delivery is like none other.  Teri Dawn is respectful of the health care staff, and of any choice that we had made for our birth. She is a mother of 4 beautiful children and understands this process. She is a wealth of information on babies, bodies, hormones, remedies, and vegetarian recipes.

As I sit and type this review, I watch my little girl trying to crawl, and becoming frustrated that she isn't moving yet. I cannot help but cry thinking that I too was like my daughter. Trying to learn to crawl- learning this new mom thing, being really scared, not knowing what will happen, but knowing that through perseverance, love, support, encouragement, and friendship of people like Teri Dawn it does not have to be scary but rather an amazing accomplishment and gift.

we are so blessed to have connected with TD and would recommend her to anyone thinking about incorporating a doula into their birthing plan.


Kennedy + Ronnie