Warm Amber Bath Bombs

Warm Amber Bath Bombs

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A warming sensual blend with all the autumn cozy feels.
“Warm Amber” directly connects you to the deep rhythms of mother nature.

A truly magical blend, as it is made with the liquidized crystal power of Amber. Amber - Fossilized tree sap, helps one to connect to the earth in a powerful, grounding way.

Many people believe that the healing powers of stones are all “hippie-hoo-hoo.”
However amber actually has a proven ability to reduce pain in the body as well as bring a warm healing.
This mystical power comes from the succinic acid within the crystal.

The scent of Warm Amber brings inspiration to the soul. When used as a bath bomb it brings cleansing, protection, and purification.

In this Fall blend i have paired this precious oil of Amber, with secret amounts of calming Cedar, spicy Cardamom, creamy Vanilla, and sultry Vetiver, all finished with a soft kiss of cinnamon.

A bath is a way we gift deep love to ourselves. 
Bathtime Blessings of light to you.