Padsicle Potion (postnatal)

Padsicle Potion (postnatal)

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As a doula this is a must for my post labour mamas...

Congratulations on your most precious gift! I am so thrilled for you!

This is a concoction to soothe this sacred-space postnatal.

 Simply mist/ dampen (with spring water;) the LARGEST organic maxi pads you can find. (trust me on this one;)
Then take 10 drops of this very potent potion and drop on top of already damp pads.
Pop back into the wrap and place into your freezer, ready to use when needed.

Powered with the organic plant medicine of rosemary, and lavender essential oils, non alcoholic witch hazel, aloe Vera gel, and nourishing Shea oil. all blended together in pure rose water.


When you are all healed, here are some other ways to use your potion...

•Glowing beautiful skin toner.

•Razor Burn – Apply to skin after shaving to help prevent razor burn and ingrown hair!

•Makeup Priming Water – Dab on your face before applying makeup, set for a beautiful finish and lasting stay.

•Makeup Remover – Use cotton rounds and use to remove makeup as needed! Yas!

•Mermaid Hair – Apply to damp hair and work into scalp for happy, healthy hair! 

 •Cooling Summer Potion– Cool your skin and relieve sunburns! Feels incredible during the summertime!


Infused with an amethyst to help raise all those healing vibrations.

As always ~organic, 'cause to me that matters.

A little goes along way. Please use sparingly.

Blessings my love, as you witness how it feels to be a part of a divine miracle. A woman’s body is a holy vessel.

Blessings of Peace & Love

teri-dawn x