Organic Baby 3 Piece Set

Organic Baby 3 Piece Set

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This sweet lil baby set Includes everything a new mama would need to nourish and care for herself and her baby.

the calming blend of organic essential oils are blissful to the senses through the aromatherapy properties found here. 

In this kit Includes:
#1 most popular EE product;

•{Lavender-Vanilla butter-dream} to help bless babies delicate skin. Scented with Bulgarian Lavender and Mexican Vanilla. Send baby off to sleep on cloud nine with this baby butter. Lovely treat for healing mamas too! (Also a great cream for mamas belly when preggers ;) 

•{Baby Balm body oil}
A delicate blend of nourishing oils to hydrate. Blended with the gentle scent of “baby balm” to calm, and sooth baby.

•{Baby Balm Rollerball}
A botanical blend to roll onto pads of babies feet to calm fussiness. Infused with amber crystal to sooth. This stuff is magical -see for yourself!